The Shire of Chittering and surrounds is home to many churches, some of which hold a great historical significance.

Many of the Churches in the region and surrounds are home to the local communities of the Chittering & Gingin shire, where the church is used as their local parish.

North of Bindoon is the town of New Norcia home to the Abbey Church for the Benedictine Community.

St Luke’s Anglican Church

Gingin’s Anglican Church.

  • 2 Brockman Street, Gingin WA 6503

St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Gingin-Chittering Parish.

Immaculate Heart

The visitation parish of Gingin-Chittering Western Autralia.

St Annes Church

Gingin and Chittering Parish.

  • 6549 Great Northern Highway,
    Bindoon WA 6502

Holy Trinity Church

The Anglican Parish in Bindoon for the Gingin-Chittering community.

  • 5675 Great Northern Highway,
    Chittering WA 6084