To take in the natural beauty of the area, many walking trails have been developed to encourage visitors to explore the countryside, bush, wildflowers and lakes to be appreciated. There are trails to suit all fitness levels and age groups – expect to see vineyards, orchards, rocky outcrops, paddocks and pastures.

Blackboy Ridge Trail

The hidden walk trail on this reserve is seasonally abundant in wildflowers, wattles, parrotbush & orchids. It boasts fantastic views across the valley from the lookout at the top of the trail.

Peace Be Still

Walk any of the trails on the property, some of which extend out into the Avon Valley National Park which links Chittering with Swan and Toodyay.

Spoonbill Lake

A quiet walk alongside this tranquil creek-fed lake will offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the local birdlife…

Stonehouse Walk

This lakeside trail begins at Clune Park and offers you the choice of a gentle return walk or a more strenuous loop, returning via a quiet country road.

Tale Trail

This “sharing community heritage stories” project was proudly facilitated by the Shire of Chittering utilising “Your Community Heritage” funding ~ please enjoy our local ‘gossip’!

Wannamal Walk

The first land lease in Wannamal was 1853, with the townsite being gazetted in 1908. The pioneers settled along the route of the railway and adjacent area. Railway gangers contributed to the early population of the district, with some of them becoming landowners.