With so many hobby farms and producers in the area, there are many roadside stalls dotted throughout the region with either seasonal or all year round produce. Cheap, tree ripened with money going straight back to the grower. The popular Bindoon Farmers Market is usually held on the 4th Sunday of every month. There is also a range of local produce available at the Chittering Visitor Centre and the IGA. You can also purchase produce direct from the grower from the Northern Valleys Locavore Store (www.nvls.com.au)

Eat Pick Grow Trail

Wanneroo’s market gardens and National and Regional Parks are complemented by the lush green valleys and farms in Chittering. Taste and take home locally grown food, take part in unique fruit picking experiences and learn how to grow your own through exploring Chittering and surrounds.

Farm Flavour Trail

Seasonal produce on offer from 10 different farms and food and beverage outlets throughout Chittering and surrounds.