Being only an hour from Perth, Chittering is a great destination to pack a picnic lunch and get amongst nature in the variety of picnic areas. The region is in a gorgeous setting, with an abundance of wildlife and many walks to immerse yourself in Chittering’s best feature: our beautiful natural habitat. And best of all, it’s free!

Spoonbill Lake

A lovely lakeside walk trail with picnic facilities.

  • 436 Hart Drive,
    Chittering WA 6084

Carty Reserve

A roadside picnic area with a walk trail.

  • Opposite 5462 Great Northern Hwy, Upper Chittering WA 6084

Djidi-Djidi Ridge

(Formerly known as Blackboy Ridge Reserve) Djidi-Djidi Ridge is named after the Noongar word for Willy Wagtail, a much loved native Australian bird that can be found in the Chittering region. A popular walk trail in the area, also a suitable picnic area with toilet facilities.

  • 3231 Chittering Road,
    Upper Chittering WA 6084

Aquila Reserve

A suitable picnic area with a modern playground and surrounding walk trails.

  • Hart Drive, Upper Chittering WA 6084

Village Green

A beautiful venue nestled amongst the hills. With well-maintained toilets, a BBQ, shady table and a playground.

  • 23 Chittering Valley Road,
    Lower Chittering WA 6084