With many young families in the area there are parks, skate parks and bmx tracks dotted throughout Chittering. There are lovely parks most having have free bbq picnic facilities and are well looked after and safe. Travel 40 minutes in any direction from Bindoon and you can visit a variety of family friendly fun activities.

Chittering Farmgate Experience

Self-guided trail. Solve clues and riddles on a journey around the region to collect gourmet ingredients directly from local farmers, growers, producers, and small business owners. You’ll learn more about the region you’re visiting, what it’s known for, and collect everything you need to make a delicious roast dinner from the comfort of your own home (or accommodation).

Once you’ve returned home for the day, you’ll have full access to our digital guide to prepare the meal including recipe instructions, as well as fun games and conversation starters to enjoy throughout the night. Book through the website link.

Family Mystery Picnic – Chittering

Self-guided trail. Explore Chittering starting with only a picnic basket. Have fun solving personally curated clues and riddles with your family that’ll take you on a journey to local businesses throughout the region to collect your special gourmet picnic food bit by bit. Each clue you solve will lead you closer to your next picnic food pickup and even closer to your final stunning picnic location. Book through the website link.

Spoonbill Lake

A lovely lakeside walk trail with picnic facilities.

  • 436 Hart Drive,
    Chittering WA 6084

Carty Reserve

A roadside picnic area with a walk trail.

  • Opposite 5462 Great Northern Hwy, Upper Chittering WA 6084

Djidi-Djidi Ridge

(Formerly known as Blackboy Ridge Reserve) Djidi-Djidi Ridge is named after the Noongar word for Willy Wagtail, a much loved native Australian bird that can be found in the Chittering region. A popular walk trail in the area, also a suitable picnic area with toilet facilities.

  • 3231 Chittering Road,
    Upper Chittering WA 6084